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Register for CAS Quality Standards

Register here for the CAS Quality Standard. The CAS Quality Standard is an award which helps your organisation to build upon a firm foundation. It helps you to demonstrate your organisation has strong safeguarding and governance in place. Please ignore the date shown, it is just the way the system works and has no bearing on your registration.

What is the CAS Quality Standard?

The CAS Quality Standard means a commitment to quality. It can help you evidence that your organisation has the structure, policies and procedures in place to be a safe, well run provider of services.

It is an online portfolio – no carrying bulky paper based portfolios around, you securely upload your evidence showing how you meet the specified indicators in each section of the Standard. When you complete a section you can request an assessment review of it and you receive feedback on how you have met the indicators and any actions needed to meet the standard.

When you have met all of the indicators for the Quality Standard your portfolio is submitted to the Quality Standards Awarding panel for a decision.

It covers four vital sections:

  • Safeguarding
  • Health, safety and welfare
  • Staff recruitment and development
  • Organisation Management

Each of the four sections can be completed and assessed independently rather than wait to complete the entire portfolio before getting feedback.

Please be aware that the safeguarding section covers both children and adults at risk of harm as we follow a ‘Think family’ approach to supporting people and communities. It is also helps organisations meet their safeguarding requirements for the Charity Commission that states, ‘No one who comes in to contact with your organisation should experience harm’ including your staff, volunteers and service users.

The CAS Quality Standard is endorsed and supported by Suffolk County Council and the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership. It is externally assessed by the Quality Standards Awards Panel comprised of Community Action Suffolk, Suffolk County Council Commissioning, Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership. It was developed in 2005 by VCSE sector organisations, for VCSE sector organisations.


Please ignore the date shown below, it is just the way the system works and has no bearing on your registration.

1st January 2016 10:00 AM through 4th August 2030 11:00 AM
Online event
Event Fee(s)
Pay now: Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise groups (with income less than £100,000) £150.00
Pay now: VCSE sector organisations (with income more than £100,000) £275.00
Pay via invoice: VCSE income less than £100, 000 pa £150.00
Pay via invoice: VCSE with income over £100,000 pa £275.00